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When I thought of making this list, the list of things I'd love MORE of in 2019, there was really one that stuck out: more joy.

More contagious laughter, more real moments that we never want to forget, more quality time with friends and more fun with your soulmate than you thought was possible. However... the joy and laughter and fun will show up in every single wedding season, thanks to amazing group of people who have chosen me to capture their day. This post will focus instead on the physical things that I'd love to see more of in 2019, from floral trends, to reception reveals. Enjoy!

ONE // Floating Installations

It's as if they appear out of nowhere, and yet these elaborate floral designs take hours to install and make such a HUGE impact. I'm obsessed with the floating look, and how modern weddings are taking advantage of height and space more than ever before. My advice: don't try to make this happen on your own, you need professional help! Like the team at Wedecor who made this masterpiece happen:

And they don't only come in green...look at this golden installation by Pollen Nation Floral Studio:

TWO // First Looks With Friends

We've all heard of and seen first looks with soon to be hubbies and the bride's father, but here's a new and adorable trend I'm starting to see more of: first looks with your girlfriends! In Meghan's case, this first look with a few close friends happened right before the walk down the aisle. 

A meaningful private moment that makes it a little extra special for those who might not be in the wedding party... 

THREE // Ponytail Engagements!

I am obsessed with this look and wish more of my girls were brave enough to rock a pony during the engagement! Jaymee took this one step further and even worked a ponytail into her wedding up-do -- so gorgeous. 

It feels so playful and photographs beautifully. If you're planning your engagement, this is totally something to consider!

FOUR // Loose Blooms for Detail Photos

Okay so this might be my favourite trend that I'm hoping to see more of in 2019 and 2020 -- loose blooms that can be incorporated into detail shots. 

So how do you make this happen? Simply ask your florist to provide 5-10 loose blooms into the box with the boutonnieres and bouquets, that will be intended for styling. Your florist will SURELY be thrilled that you plan to use florals in your detail photos (let them know they'll be able to see and share the detail shots too, it might help!). 

This box is waiting for me at the bridal prep location, along with your details like the invitation suite, your shoes, the dress, and the rings. And then it's simply playtime...

P.S. they don't have to be stemless like the ones pictured above. Longer blooms can be arranged beautifully for detail photos as well:

FIVE // Heirloom Jewellery

First of all, this one is a super simple opportunity to get some brownie points with the fam. Have a piece of heirloom jewellery that's been offered to you on your wedding day? If it's perfectly aligned with your accessory vision, there's no problem! But what happens when you have a slightly different aesthetic than the piece that's been passed down a few generations? 

Girl, we can make this happen for you. All we need to do is bring it along during the bridal portraits and incorporate into a few shots. You'll be so happy to have it captured and the older generations will adore the symbolism. Pro tip: make sure you print and frame that photo for them, and it'll be remembered forever. 

SIX // Outdoor First Dances

Can't even think about outdoor first dances without remembering Kristen & Nathan's dance on the rooftop at the Westin. It was a surprise to their families, I don't even think anyone had clued in as this photo was taken... 

I love the natural light component, and the possibility for a sunset, but I also love how well an outdoor first dance contrasts the rest of the reception. From an experiential standpoint, if you can swing it, it's one of the most magical parts of the day.  

SEVEN // Ripped Edges

I am so in love with the rough look of ripped edges against thick letterpress paper... This suite including vow booklets by The Little North Co. is something I can't stop thinking about! 

EIGHT // Reception Reveals

Seeing your completed reception space before the guests have entered is a rare experience that only started trickling in in 2018. This is typically only possible when you're working with a coordinator who can ensure everything is timed to perfection. But it feels exactly as whimsical as this...

...And creates an opportunity for a few shots in the most elegant looking reception space without guests, coats, bags, and dishevelled chair arrangements. One quick note, this is only ever possible when a couple has arranged to do the majority of their wedding photos prior to the ceremony. That leaves us with time to fit the family photos in, have the planner finish the details, and STILL have time for the Bride and Groom to join the cocktail space.

Positively perfect: 

NINE // Savoury Wedding Cakes

Maybe it's because I've been eating keto since the Fall of last year, but cakes made of cheese are often found in my dreams. I'm loving the use of savoury and unique cakes and can't wait to see what my brides dream up this year. 

TEN // Vintage Stamps

Don't ask me where you FIND these things, but I'm sure Etsy would be a good place to start. When it comes to an invitation, the perfect stamp can go a LONG way to making it feel like a fairytale right from the get-go. 

Pro tip: if you choose to use regular stamps for mailing but still want to use vintage stamps in your photos, you'll only need a few, and it'll be our little secret.  

ELEVEN // Wedding Party Toss

When I say "wedding party toss," I mean confetti. I mean flower petals. I mean toss me the champagne bottle for a swig -- this refers to ANY sort of celebration moment with the wedding party. It's an incredible opportunity for real candids, joyous emotion, and most importantly: memory making. 

TWELVE // Raw Rings

Last on my list, raw and unconventional rings. It's 2019 girl, it doesn't have to be a diamond anymore! And bonus points for him if he doesn't get a ring from a store in the mall! Supporting local jewellers and romanticizing unique rings is a massive trend that I can totally get behind. 

If each romance and love story is unique, each ring should be also...

I am so excited to be bringing lots more "meant for brides" content as the Winter and Spring months continue! My 2019 season is going to be busier than ever in the best way possible, so I plan on soaking up every moment of off-season in the meantime. 

The 2020 season is coming together now, so if you're hoping
to secure a date, especially if it's a Saturday, be sure to contact 
me with your plans as soon as possible! 


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