a lifestyle headshot and branding session for marie andree

It's no secret that I've been able to use visual content on social media to grow a business -- in fact, the combination of this blog, plus Facebook, plus Instagram has changed everything. In my early days I'd pay a couple thousand dollars to show up at a wedding show. Now, I show up from the comfort of my pjs while sharing content on these free platforms to grow my brand in a strategic way. 

It makes me SO happy when I can use my gifts to help other business owners do the same! By creating a collection of brand-friendly images, these bosses can tailor their online presence to their ideal clients, attracting exactly the right type of customer. Plus, having professional photos makes a huge impact when someone is shopping for the right person to fit their request!

I take on 3-4 headshot and branding sessions every season, and today I'm sharing a small peek into a collection that was shot for Marie-Andree, a Naturopathic Doctor here in Ottawa. Approachable, compassionate, professional, and an expert in her field: that's what we were going for!

If you'd like to get a social media and headshot session on the calendar, 
send me an email! I can't wait to work with you!

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