an exciting announcement & a massive undertaking!

There's something pretty magical about standing at the bottom of a hill and thinking, I don't know if I can do this. The magic part comes when you realize that a couple hundred days later, with a million to-do's behind you, that you're looking at the view from the top. I feel like my feet are planted firmly on the ground of a hill that I often debated abandoning.

I am incredibly proud to announce the latest undertaking for this thrill-seeking go-getter, and I have a feeling you might like it. 

My dearest friends and loyal blog readers, I am so honoured to give you this formal introduction to my brand new podcast, You Might Not Like It:

This whole journey started just over a year ago, when I realized that above all else, I was craving the ability to share more; the ability to have larger conversations in a totally different medium. I started investing more time into discovering who I was, what made me feel really excited, and what encouraged me to continue chasing that feeling of being fired up. 

I knew that it could never be considered time wasted if even a handful of people were able to take something away from it, apply it to their own lives and businesses, and feel a fire within themselves. Every time I considered abandoning that hill, I reminded myself of that. 

And after 6 months of puttering away, I am able to finally let go of a secret that was SO difficult to hold on to, and send you over here for a peek.

I wanted to take this opportunity to answer a big question that has been rolling in ever since I shared the announcement on Instagram yesterday evening. 

First and foremost, please know that while I devote time and love and energy into this project, that it doesn't mean I'm saying goodbye to my thriving business as a wedding photographer. In fact, I think the way that these two worlds will be merged is actually really cool and unique. I plan on sharing content that will be so inspiring to my photography clients as they plan their weddings, along with conversations about relationships and marriages, long after the wedding is over. 

On the flip side, I also cannot wait to share a ton of inspiration for my fellow small business owners! So many of my clients have gone on to leave their day jobs to pursue a career in a creative field. My hope is to take 8 years of entrepreneurial experiences and lessons, and share them in a way that is above all else, honest and real.  

That brings me to my first episode. It's live and on the "air" right now, waiting for you to sink into it. Head over to the podcast website for links to subscribe. It's actually SO easy and it'll ensure that when episode 2 is dropped you won't miss a beat.

In this first episode, I reveal my intentions for keeping the "fancy" and the "perfect" at bay in favour of honesty and not-so-perfect realness. It's been a long time coming. And it feels good to finally let it out in the open. Behind every polished looking anything is a handwritten notepad scribbled with messy ideas, and days that felt and looked ordinary, but were filled with hard work. 

I hope you'll take a moment to listen and explore every nook and cranny of this incredibly large undertaking that I am so proud to be sharing. This is just the beginning!

Find out more about You Might Not Like It:




Photos by Tracy Grace // Hair by Showpony // Makeup by One Fine Beauty

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