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You've caught me at a weird time.

My entire world right now is existing on the border between crazy-out-of-my-mind-busy and literally NOTHING scheduled on the horizon. Allow me to explain. On Friday morning, this bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ball of nerves will be hooked up to an IV and wheeled into the OR for a quick but terrifying surgery: an adult tonsillectomy. 

I've had recurring tonsillitis for 10 years now, which means every so often (and with less and less time between each incident...), my tonsils swell up so massively that it essentially blocks my airway and prevents me from opening my mouth. CUUUUTE. 

The only way to fix it is to go in to the ER, have a nurse practitioner spray acid into my mouth and slice the back of my throat open until hot tears stream down my face (Okay, the acid is a numbing drug and the size of the incision is about 5mm, but still. NUHTHANKS.) I've had that super fun party-for-one about 5 times over the last decade, and hopefully it's over for good. These badboys are coming out along with their besties, the adenoids. 

Remember this wedding? 

Well I had that procedure done only 18 hours beforehand, and was on IV antibiotics right up until the very second I had to drive to Brockville to meet Michelle for her bridal prep. It was the closest call to date and I am not okay with that possibility happening in future seasons.

Since the recovery time is 3 weeks and I have now officially ended my wedding season, I'm free to have the surgery and spend my days in pain/bed and without a voice. And if you're thinking, didn't you just launch a podcast? You would be correct. I sure did, and I've recorded three full episodes ahead of time so that content can still be coming out while I'm giving my best performance as Ariel.

I'm writing this post to keep you in the loop for a few things:

1. Now you know why I've disappeared from Instagram (although sneak peeks from this wedding last weekend will continue to roll...)

2. A little motivation for you all: the stuff we manage to get done during times of stress (ex. before a vacation!) reminds us how hard we CAN work on any given day. If you're behind on a few things, work like you're going into surgery for a few days and you'll be right as rain, babe. 

3. Podcast episodes will continue to drop, so please make sure you're subscribed! Episode 3 and 4 are lit, don't miss them.

4. The year in review blog series will begin on December 1st! I've been busy compiling my favourite photos from each category (weddings, engagements, florals, ring shots etc.!) and will be slowly sharing 7 posts throughout the month. It's one of my FAVE times of the year, so get excited for that! And to catch up on last year's series, click here!

5. If you email me in the next day or two, please note that my out of office is already on even though the surgery isn't until Friday. You might get this bounce-back, so don't be alarmed:

Hey there!

This is not my favourite type of out-of-office to be sending out. Usually I get to brag about jetting off and shooting a wedding in paradise, or enjoying a day at Le Nordik to celebrate the end of wedding season, but this is no such out-of-office. 

Instead, you can essentially consider me deceased because I'm recovering from having my tonsils removed; something they RARELY do to adults because of the pain. Yeah. Super fun, right. #CoffinEmoji

I won't be dead for long, though. I'll be answering emails in bed sporadically, but please also excuse any spelling mistakes or excessive exclamation points and write them off as side effects from too many pain meds. I'm really painting a nice picture for ya, here. You're the best clients ever and I'm SO thankful for your continued support always. I'll be back to my old self and taking on clients again come mid-December!!


See you on the other side! (Not literally, I hope...
he doctor's say there's only a 1% chance...) 

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