chanelle + kevin | RCMP wedding at next restaurant in stittsville

He stood with a microphone in his hand and a beaming smile on his face. In honour of his oldest son's wedding day he shared a few words about love and family. My favourite part was when he slowed down, glanced at the head table and then back at his wife and said, "if you blink, you'll miss it." 

When Kevin's father spoke those words, I knew that they could take many meanings. For instance, a wedding day going by in the blink of an eye. But also, on a much larger scale, how quickly time passes when raising children and sending them off into a life of their own. 

Suddenly my own life and family was at the forefront of my mind. That one day it would be my husband with a microphone in his hand and tears in his eyes. Life goes by in an instant if you're not constantly soaking it in, and a wedding is such a tremendous occasion for reflection.

I am so honoured to have participated in Chanelle and Kevin's wedding day. And today as I share my favourite photos, I hope it inspires you to slow down, look around, and enjoy this beautiful life. 

It should come as no surprise that all of the jewellery was handmade by Sarah Walsh, Chanelle's new sister-in-law. She is incredibly talented and equally delighted about welcoming Chanelle into her family.  

I found myself back at NeXT Restaurant in Stittsville! I love this venue and am always so happy to spend an evening there (not just because of the KILLER food!) 

What a beautiful ceremony set-up...

Knowing Kevin and Sarah's mom makes me truly believe there was no greater honour for her than being escorted into the ceremony by her two RCMP gents. 

Finally Mr. & Mrs. Walsh!!

Right before the reception, Kevin made a quick change from his red serge into a grey suit to match the groomsmen. I like having formal photos from both, I think it's so special!

Back in the reception space, the candles were lit and the bottles of wine were placed on the tables in time for guests to come in and witness Chanelle and Kevin's first dance. 

Obsessing over these stunning centrepieces!

Chanelle & Kevin -- congratulations! I hope you enjoy these first few days as husband and wife! It was so great to meet the members of your families and witness your sweet vows. All my love! 


Photography: Laura Kelly Photography 

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