michelle + mike | major's hill park engagement session

When you create a brand and market towards it, one of the necessary steps is to envision your ideal client. What does she like? Where does she shop? What does she watch on TV? The "voice" of your business should speak directly to her, right down to the references you think she might appreciate.

From the moment I read Michelle's first email, where she quoted her favourite quote from The Hills, I felt like I'd known her for years. I have, after all, been "speaking" to her through my blog and website since waaaay back. And here she was in the flesh (well, over email of course). She had found me. And like kismet it was meant to be that I would photograph her wedding to Mike, the man of her dreams. 

There are not enough words to describe my excitement for their wedding day in 2018. For now though, I'll share these ones:

Michelle & Mike -- you guys are the cats pyjamas. You're the reason I am able to do what I love, and love every second of that work. I am truly, truly honoured to be your photographer next year. And if I ever find myself in AB, I'll be looking you up!

The photo that's make all the girls on Instagram say "OMG those shoes!"


I've been obsessing over this photo all week. So much so, that I texted it to Michelle because it felt wrong to keep it a secret. 

I am so so glad we were able to hammer out an initial phone date, an in person meeting and glass of wine with your Man of Honour, and this romantic sunset engagement session all in the course of one week. You guys are amazing and it was much fun to make it all happen. Sending all my love, friends! <3

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