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Earlier this year I hosted a workshop called Instagram for Small Business. Creating the content that I would teach for those 2 hours pushed me to up my own insta-game and really examine what it means to lead a life that looks beautiful. 

The basis of doing things "just" for Instagram or Facebook seems inauthentic. Like ordering the mocha frappuccino with whip and caramel drizzle because you know it'll take a better photo than your regular blonde roast with 2 pumps of hazelnut. Or in the case of my fairly recent trip to Miami with my best friend, taking the bus tour because we know it'll get us some awesome footage for the trip video. Well doesn't that just sound vapid and narcissistic...

But the truth is that when you are busy trying to live a life that LOOKS rich and colourful, you end up with a pretty amazing life. Chasing beauty causes you to see more of it. And jumping around on the beach with your bestie never felt so good. For real though, the bus tour was one of the highlights of our trip, and lord knows the mocha frap tasted WAYYY better than a black coffee.

The most common reason I heard from students at the Instagram workshop about what stopped them from posting content, was that their lives were boring. Hey, I get it. If every day consists of you sitting at your desk in your pyjamas, then your content will be as bland as the oatmeal you made for breakfast. My advice in this scenario isn't to put a facade on your boring weekday life. Instead, I think you need to look for ways to insert beauty into your days; as much of it as you possibly can.

Find a hobby that moves you. Grab coffee from a cafe you've never been to. Pick up a bundle of fresh cut flowers on your way home from work. Bake a triple layer cake. That's what beauty looks like in MY life, but the beauty in yours will look different. You deserve to find out what it is and pursue it. You owe it to the hours of your life to make them as beautiful as possible.

Don't waste a single second of your life feeling "too cool" to take a selfie with your friends at a rooftop restaurant. Get out there and live this precious life!

P.S. The Instagram workshop is on hold right now because 
I'm preparing for an amazing 2-day retreat for creative professionals called ELEVATE. I'm so excited to be sharing the content from 
my previous workshop with the students at ELEVATE, 
so here's where you can find out more!


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