good things come to those who hustle!

It's a busy Thursday morning around here, but before I get into it, I have to tell you a little story... 

Two years ago, I went for a barre class at the Grand Opening of The Dailey Method studio in Ottawa. On my way out, I went up to Sarah, the studio owner, and offered to do a few photos for her. She kindly said, "no thanks, we're all good!" (She said it in a much nicer and more professional way...)

I made it my mission to impress her with my photos; wooing her, if you will, using social media. Also I kinda wanted to be her friend, as creepy as that sounds. 

A few months later, she was in. She messaged me saying they would love a few photos and headshots for the crew! I worked my tail off to make sure they fell in love with every single photo in the gallery.

After three years of annual photoshoots for the Ottawa staff & studio, tomorrow I board a flight to California to be the official photographer for the 4-day owner's retreat. I can't wait to meet the owners from Dailey studios all over the world (did y'all know there's a PARIS studio?! So cool!). 

Good things come to those who hustle, folks. Good things happen when you respectfully don't take no for an answer. And magical things happen when you work incredibly hard and serve your clients to the best of your ability at every. single. opportunity. 

It will be my great delight to share some photos from the Dailey Method Retreat when I return next week. Until then, I'll be soaking up some serious sunshine and filling my tanks with inspiration from this amazing group of go-getters.

And if you're a Dailey owner and you're heading down to California this weekend, be sure to introduce yourself! I can't wait to meet you <3

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