6 colour palettes to create the perfect outfit for engagement photos

I picture most of my brides have a bed full of clothes and a racing heartbeat the night before their engagement photos. We have nothing to wear! Why is it the night before?! She said no black, right? Or did she say definitely wear black...?

The panic doesn't inspire a very relaxing experience on the day of the session, so I created the FAQ guide as a way to answer the question: what should we wear for our engagement photos?

I boiled it down to DOs and DON'Ts, which I'll outline again here:

Wear clothes you like and feel good in.
Wear clothes with pockets (it really helps when it comes to posing!)
Include one pattern (but stick to a max of 2 bright colours)
Accessorize (this is a big one! A simple necklace, modern watch, and a cute pair of shoes goes a long way)

Wear solid black (unless you're blonde and everything else is super light)
Wear the same colour shirt as your man
Wear an overwhelming logo or have text on any of your clothing

But I also thought it might be helpful to provide a few examples of wardrobe colour palettes that have worked beautifully in the past. My brides have AMAZING style I am indebted to their skills! 

Let's kick it off with the light and cool wardrobe, which looks especially stunning in a neutral, bright background like this one: 

Sarah & Ben's engagement session will be a forever favourite. This is a perfect example of mixing lights and darks, incorporating a modern pattern, including pockets, and sticking to a max of 2 bright colours. 

When I think of coastal and trendy engagement attire, I think of Katrina's bicycle dress from Anthropologie. I spy a modern print, a pocket, some stylish shoes, and a couple accessories. Once we start to break it down it's actually a pretty simple recipe!

This is one of my favourite engagement colour palettes, maybe because it reminds me of every single room of my house... The mix of browns, beiges, creams, and whites, plus the gold detail on the shoes -- perfection. This neutral and summery wardrobe looks great when photographed by the water, in a park, or with neutral buildings in the market.

This next palette makes me want to get a pumpkin spice latte, curl up with a good book, and light the "flannel" scented candle. Amanda and Ron kept it fresh and crisp by pairing a floral pattern with some autumn darks. Because they both have red hair, they were smart to stick to just one brighter colour.   

Michelle and Andy's bright and punchy wardrobe is an example of how a black shirt can work as long as everything else is super light. The white boat, the sunshine on the harbour -- it all works to keep their engagement session looking fresh and bright. 

Dressing for comfort is another big factor when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, but I don't mean comfort in the "sweatpants and slippers" way. Instead, I mean dressing in clothes that don't need a lot of fussing. If you're constantly pulling down your shirt or can barely walk in your shoes, something might need to be adjusted. 

I mentioned in PART ONE of this engagement series that a hair and makeup trial is the perfect way to give you a boost of confidence and ensure you really LOVE your photos. 

Feeling your best means your real personality is free to shine through, and when it comes to style, there's nothing better than true happiness.

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