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News of the McKenna baby has been all over Facebook since last Fall. First, we saw an adorable little baby announcement with a onesie that said "Coming Soon in 2017!" Next we waited patiently for the owl themed "whooooo will it be?" gender reveal, which informed us that Danielle and Mark would be blessed with a darling little girl! 

But my favourite part, and this is entirely selfish, was when an email from Danielle popped up in my inbox, letting me know that wintery maternity photos were on her list of to-dos. I couldn't wait to see her again, even though it had only been a few months since she attended my workshop and was the maid of honour for Candace's wedding... 

At their wedding back in 2014, I remember Danielle promising to be an amazing wife and mother to their future family. To see that family becoming a reality is one of the best parts of this business. Weddings aren't just about beautiful centrepieces and fancy bouquets. They're the start of a lifelong marriage, the start of a family, and I feel lucky to witness it year after year. 

Danielle and Mark -- from the bottom of my heart, congratulations! Baby McKenna is one lucky lady. I cannot wait to meet her <3 


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