favourite wedding photos from 2015

Last week I shared some of my favourite engagement photos from 2015. This post will be even sweeter because it features the best and happiest moments from this year's weddings. 

If you're already married and you're looking at these photos wishing you could do it all over again, I encourage you to look back on your own photos and remember how great of a day it was. And if you're pre-wedding, be happy for those who celebrated this year, and know that it will be everything you dream of when the time finally comes <3

Favourite bouquet from this season belongs to Amanda & Ron. Simple, long-stemmed...heaven. Thank you, Story & Rose, for your amazing talent.

When the wine bottles enhance the table decor, beautiful photos are made.

The most gorgeous group of girls...

This photo makes me think of easy, breezy love. Which is hilarious because it was SWELTERING and the groom's shoe was broken and we were rushing to get to the reception, but holy...it was perfect.

Photographing a wedding at a winery was on my business bucket list. Checking that one off felt so, so good.

Balcony bridal prep on this perfect afternoon in July? Definitely one of my favourite wedding season memories this year.

When I saw this next photo I instantly thought: this is what my business is about.

One final thought as I end this post:

Don't do anything if your heart's not in it.  

(Paraphrased from Justin Bieber's new song, "All In It." 
Yeah, sometimes that's where the inspiration for an entire week's worth 
of work comes from.)


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