favourite engagements of 2015

This year was ridiculously full of love. 

Personal friends celebrated their engagements, their first wedding anniversaries, and a few of them tied the knot. I met the loveliest group of men and women whose weddings I'll be photographing next Summer. And through it all, my little family and I were falling in love with our newest addition, little Jillian

It feels like my heart can't get any fuller than it is right now. What can I say, life is great! This job is a dream come true that only seems to be getting better as the seasons come and go. 

I'm so happy to be looking back on my favourite engagement photos from 2015. It's the people in these photos that make them so special. Some are married, some are still planning, but the one thing they all have in common: their joy is contagious.

When a photo is so perfectly "them," I feel like I've done my job :)

How can I forget this field of frost during Jillian and Stuart's sunrise engagement session...

This couple just kills me. I can't wait to travel with my husband next year and photograph their wedding in Texas. They are the embodiment of happy people who celebrate having found each other. 

One of the most anticipated weddings for next year...Kelly and Adam. Four out of her five bridesmaids are close friends of mine so it's just going to be an amazing day from beginning to end.

Emily and Brian gave me the greatest gift this year. They believed in me even though I was due to have a baby only seven days before their wedding. They trusted that it would all work out and it totally did.

Oh Michelle and Andy... An engagement session on a sailboat with a sunset in the background. My personal heaven.

It was a season full of love. 
A season with challenges, obstacles, new routines, some hustle, and a 
whole lot of faith. But as always, I feel like I'm exactly where 
I'm supposed to be and hoping it never ends.

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