kelly + adam | woodsy sunrise engagement session

My friendship with Kelly grew little by little on the first Sunday of every month when we would meet for book club with a glass of wine in one hand and a plate of appetizers in the other. I also got to know a few of the key players in Kelly's life: her best friends from high school. 

Cat, Kate, Meghan, Rhiannon, and Kelly have a bond that would make anyone envious. Over the last few years I've witnessed this group celebrate each other on their birthdays, new jobs, new relationships, and most recently...Kelly's engagement to Adam. I was a little bit fuzzy on the details of how Kelly and Adam found each other, so I turned to the girls for some help. 

Catherine is a writer to her very core, so rather than try to incorporate her words about this lovely couple, I simply must share what she wrote... 
With their wedding date set for their 10 year anniversary, it's no secret that Kelly and Adam are high school sweethearts. But their teenage love story is unique.  
They didn't fall in love on the first day of math class, or share their first kiss on the gym's linoleum floor at a school dance -- instead, after years of being friends and right before graduation, Kelly and Adam realized that their bond was something more. Right at the point where many young people find themselves at a crossroads, Kelly and Adam chose to walk in the same direction...
I am so happy to share the photos of Kelly and Adam's engagement session today, knowing full well that at this very moment, Kelly is trying on wedding dresses for the first time and her best friends are driving out to Montreal to meet her for what will surely be a very special weekend. 

I am blessed to know you, Kelly, and I am so happy that I'll be capturing your wedding day. Getting to meet Adam and see this part of your life is something I treasure. Enjoy!


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  1. These are great photos of an obviously ecstatically happy couple.
    Congratulations Laura Kelly.
    Congratulations Kelly and Adam.


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