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When you start out, you say yes to absolutely everything. 

Do you do real estate photos? YES!
Do you do baptism coverage? YES!
Do you do pictures of my little dog with a multitude of little doggie hats? YES!

But the beauty of a business that has matured over time, is that you start to figure out what gets you going. You learn the types of shoots that make you feel inspired, accomplished, happy...and the difference between those and the shoots that make it feel like work.

And for me...that means couples.

Engagements and weddings have a really special place in my heart, and it's what I consider myself best at. Yes, I've shot families and yes, I probably will again, but it has never been my forte, and most of the time I feel happiest when I leave that work to a photographer who gets excited by it.

I understand that it's a luxury to do what you love, but in my opinion...if you have the option to do it, why would you want to live your life doing anything but?

I am very excited to settle into my business as a boutique wedding photography business, specializing in engagements and weddings. I can't wait to find out what the future has in store for the next few Summers!

A long time ago I stumbled across this posted on Pinterest, and it has been dancing around in my mind ever since...

I have found what it is that I love to do, and I'm devoting my entire business to it. 

So Julia, done and done.

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