life is great, what can i say?

My lack of blogging this week is appalling!

Normally when I slip into a writing funk, it's because I'm SO busy with work that I don't have the time to type out all of the posts in my mind, but this time it's different. Although wedding season is busy, I've got my workflow down to a science and I'm finding so much more time to have a LIFE than I did last Summer. 

That means lunch dates with Sarah Walsh, long walks with my friend (and past Bride) Loraleah, and a bunch of downtown adventures that make me happy :)   

After booking my ticket to MAKING THINGS HAPPEN PART 2, I have really plunged back into the whole MTH mentality, and part of that means taking weekends off social media. This is made much easier when I'm at the cottage without cell reception...but I'm slowly learning to incorporate this social media free weekend thing on a regular basis. 

Similarly, I've been writing a lot more lately, and connecting with friends in the wedding industry on a personal and meaningful level. It makes all the difference to have friends by your side in this business!

Also, the little dog got a haircut, and it makes me want to take his picture every couple of hours :)  

This month was quite productive and I'm very excited about the little transformation that I made to my living room! 

This wall used to be chocolate brown, and completely bare. Putting this collage together was an absolute blast, and seeing these photos from our travel adventures every day is just the best thing ever.

So as much as I apologize for the lack of reading material I'm producing, I hope you're all enjoying your Summer as much as I am!


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