weezy's big debut party :)

Best day.


Today we had the whole gang over to celebrate Weezy's arrival into our little family. It was SUCH a gorgeous day, and we ended up bringing our living room outside.

There was everything a backyard BBQ should have: burgers, booze, friends, and a football.

And after this many throws, one was bound to go over the fence.

Everybody liked their time with Weezy :)


Also, who would I be if I didn't make a platter of I heart Weezy cookies?

These are what summer days are made of...I loved every single second of it :)

P.S...in case you were wondering...we have one tired puppy.



  1. Looks like a fun time! Love the nice leather couches outside!

  2. Your puppy kills me. As do those cookies...

  3. what a great post! that looks like a really fun day...i kind of want to hop on a plane just so i can sit in your backyard


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