the busy illusion

It gives off the wrong impression, I think...this innactive blog.

It makes it seem like I haven't been shooting lately (which would lead you to believe I've been having a grand old time enjoying the weather and the long weekend). Like I said, the wrong impression.

In all my years of school and working two jobs, I've never been this busy. I am actually shooting so much that I barely have time to share's so painful!!!

Think of all the cutie-patootie kids in their itty bitty sandals and sundresses; think of all the hot-tamale couples strutting around all gorgeous and stuff. How can I possibly not share all of this with you? Only problem is, I'd need an extra three or four hours in my day in order to do so.

And that's problem right, this illusion of being busy. The times when I'm able to post 4-5 sessions a week is my slowest time of year, and here I am posting 1 or 2 if I'm LUCKY, and I feel like the camera is barely leaving my hands.

Anyway, with all of that being said, here are a couple sneak peeks from sessions I couldn't POSSIBLY keep off the blog:

A barn engagement session with Loraleah and Bob:

An urban family session with the Zhdanova family:

A dow's lake engagement session with Jocelyne and Pat:

A drop-dead-gorge young @ heart session with Kaytlin:



  1. OMG...that picture of the family's feet with the TOMS. I can't take it. Too good.

  2. Really looking forward to the young at heart shoot the girl looks beautiful


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