grace + justin | engagement session at loft board game lounge

Ready for a cute one?

Allow me to introduce you to Grace and Justin. 

Grace and Justin had their first date at Loft Board Game Lounge in the heart of downtown Ottawa. It obviously went well because two days ago they returned to the same spot to have their engagement photos taken. 

It's been a long time since I shot a themed engagement session like this one, but the reason it WORKS is because it's authentically "them." A bowl of candy, The Game of Life, an Italian soda for Gracie and a beer for J, and the sweetest heart tattoo on that ring finger. 

I am obsessing. 

We also had to switch to Scrabble at some point because it's just such a classic.

I will always have a deep love for ring shots in bowls of candy. Seriously, if you go back on my blog far enough you will see SO many examples of this.

Woopsie, did I forget to mention I'll be travelling to VEGAS with these two in the Winter?! NBD. 

PS, you can see Loft in the background of this photo. We stopped here to chase the good light for a few minutes before moving on to another location! 

Oh hi, this is perfect.

An obvious choice for the first sneak peek to share on the night of the shoot...

Personal fave: 

Okay but I also love this one because anytime the hair goes out of place I get really excited and LIVE for it. 

You are a beautiful angel. I am not fully ready to talk about it so let's move on. 

Hashtag Ottawa Tourism... 

...With a side order of happy people in love. My speciality. 

Grace & Justin -- you guys gave me your all and I ADORE you both. I cannot think of two people who I'd rather travel to Vegas for -- it's going to be magical!

To book an engagement session, hit me up on the website!! xo

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