dale + kevin | rideau canal skateway engagement session

I hadn't seen or heard the name Dale since about 6 years ago when I quit my job at the law firm to pursue photography full time. And then one fateful Monday morning, her name popped up in my inbox. She was engaged! And no longer working at the job where we met. SO much to catch up on! I seriously couldn't wait for the wintery engagement session she was planning. A little bit of the canal, a little bit of the Chateau, and a newly engaged couple spinning around on skates. 

Dale and Kevin are just the sweetest couple. I loved hearing about the wedding they are dreaming about and dodging the insane crowds from Winterlude's debut by their sides. Enjoy just a few of my faves from this reeeeeallly cold day: 

I was freaking out about this ring. It just photographs so beautifully! 

I want to say this is the most Canadian photo I've ever taken. 

You'll notice I only let them skate around in coats for a few shots... Pretty sure they were savouring the chance to warm up a bit :)

Remember that part about dodging the insane crowds? Yeah, downtown Ottawa was a madhouse. 

Beautiful Dale, no longer #alwaysabridesmaid -- woo!! :) So excited for you and Kevin and the wedding you're planning for this year. After 6 years it was lovely to catch up a little bit on our chilly walk around town. Sending all my love your way! 

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