behind the scenes of building a booth!

I posted this photo on Instagram as a little peek into my booth prep. People were cheering me on and saying they couldn't wait to see the finished product! It eased my mind knowing that they had confidence in this set up, even though they only saw a glimpse of it. 

And in case you missed yesterday's post with the wedding show recap, here's what the finished product looked like :)

Now that the show is over, I thought it might be a good time for a few more behind the scenes photos! 

Ry and his Dad spent the whole day one weekend working on the foundation pieces for my booth. 

Cooper hung out pants-less and handed Dad the screws one at a time. 

The shiplap was added layer by layer, stuck to the boards with some heavy duty glue. Hence the weights.

Once my wooden sign was cut out of the MDF it was time to spray paint. Endless coats of gold to get it as shiny as possible. 

A few extra props were purchased this week to make everything look girly and soft and pretty. 

A strand of lights that used to be green... Because if you're spray painting stuff, you might as well just spray paint everything.

The shiplap was white, but it still needed a fresh coat of white to be extra bright for the show. The photo on the right is the start of the huge pile of things that needed to be packed away for the tabletop decor. 

I was so happy when this order came in from Staples. I design and print all of my own booth materials -- and always have! Designing stuff like this is one of my favourite parts of the process. 

This year my goal was to have a BUNCH of different handouts that people could collect. I liked the idea of having multiple of my favourite images on different sized cards. The main card had the pricing information, while the secondary cards had a testimonial and a little blurb about my overall aesthetic. The mini cards held the details for entering the draw to win an engagement session! Which, by the way, will happen tomorrow :)

Couldn't think of a better way to transport these fragile little bulbs :) 

After all of the prep, I started to feel my voice go. I was worried I would be completely mute for show day, so Weezy and I shared a lazy day on Friday. Iced coffees all day, greasy food that soothed the throat -- it was fabulous. 

Time to pack it all into my Dad's van and set up for the show! The wall pieces go on one at a time, making the structure more solid with every piece.  

I like this photo of the show pre-setup because of two things: one, Elise's coat in the middle of the floor, and the two girls laughing hysterically at Kirsty's booth. 

Hanging the sign -- the best part! 

A photo I took on my phone just seconds before the doors opened for the show. I hear there was a line at the door! I love that :) Earleen and Cheryl did such a great job organizing everything. It really seemed to go off without a hitch. 

The closest thing I have to an employee...AKA a best friend who drops everything, even on her fiancĂ©'s birthday, to show up for me. Thanks B! Love you to the moon and back. 

My mom also stopped by to visit :)

What a weekend! When the show was over I had a sip of champagne with the girls, and caught a glimpse of my hardworking husband, who was already taking down my booth. 55 minutes later and we were OUTTIES. About an hour after that and Ryan and I were off to see Amy Schumer! After hearing my own voice for 8 hours straight, it was pretty fab to sit back and listen to someone else talk :)

I am totally zonked and ready for a relaxing week ahead. While I slowly putter away at getting the dining room table back to it's normal state, I will remember the whirlwind weekend and all of the friendly faces I got to meet. 

I love doing bridal shows, I truly truly do. There's a high that comes with putting a ribbon on your business and presenting it to a room full of strangers. You learn a lot about yourself and your work in the process, and for me, it reaffirms that I'm right where I need to be, and loving every second. 

Until next time!! 

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