living a purposeful life

I sat by the Christmas tree with a baby on my lap and a toddler by my feet, scrolling through an instagram feed of perfect homes, perfect wedding photos, and small business owners who were creating and inspiring others, when a post stopped me in my tracks: 
Maybe a purposeful life means you’ll have fewer followers on social media because you’re not on your phone as much anymore. Maybe you’ll do that thing you've always wanted to do, or paint for the joy of it, or have a long coffee date with someone and build a lasting connection. Maybe a purposeful life means you will make less money, but you’ll find you have all you need. 
Many of us (hand raised!) sometimes fear that if we slow down even the tiniest bit, we will no longer be productive. We fear our lives will be meaningless if we aren’t constantly striving for something bigger and better. Yet when we finally stop chasing those impossible standards and surrender our fears, we become truly productive in what matters. We experience genuine fulfillment: an imperfect yet intentional life.  
So how do you get there? Begin anywhere.  Begin right where you are. - @MakeItHappenBook
The post came from Lara Casey, author of the Make It Happen book and speaker at the Making Things Happen conferences (which I have attended three times). I'm sharing her message today because I think it's important. I think everyone could use a little slow-down, especially during this season. Striving for perfection shouldn't hold you back from living a purposeful life, so I hope you're finding contentment today; less comparison, more joy. And when in doubt...


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