third annual unputdownable book club shoot

The house was filled with to the brim with the sound of laughter, the smell of apple scented candles, and plates of delicious autumn-themed foods. It was the second time I've hosted a book club meeting, but the first in our new home in Stittsville. In that moment I was thankful to have met this incredible group of women, and moreso, I was thankful for all of the warmth that surrounded the living room that night. 

We are all so blessed, this group. Some of us are scholarly and wise, some are fun-loving and wild at heart, and some fit somewhere in the middle. But we are all happy to call each other friends and share our stories and recipes on the first Sunday of every month. 

This past Sunday marked our third annual book club photo shoot (click here for year one and here for year two). The arrival of my baby girl, Jillian Louise, didn't allow for the shoot to take place in the Summer as per usual, so we bundled up in sweaters and cute boots for our annual shoot. I love this tradition so much and I'm so excited to share a handful of the photos I took this year...

Our book club president, Julia!

I always open up the shoot to any smaller group shots that the girls would like. We have girls who play soccer together, girls who studied journalism at Carleton together, and in this photo have the girls who all had babies in the same year :)

Special shoutout to my gorgeous friend, Kelly. She's getting married in 2016 and I am so excited to photograph her wedding, you don't even know. 

You'll be seeing more of her on the blog this month because her engagement session is coming up!

And here is her wedding party (except we're missing one girl.) That's right! 4 of her bridesmaids are in book club. The thought of seeing these girls all done up for Kelly's wedding is super exciting. It's going to be a day I'll never forget!

Practising for our bridesmaids photos, of course :)

Meghan is always trying to dethrone the current president. We love her for it.

The girls of The Dailey Method Ottawa! Sarah T, how psyched are you to see all of your students in a row!

I wanted to share something else about our meeting this time. Not only was it photo shoot month, but I was also in charge of choosing our book for October. Book choosing feels like a huge honour when you're in a club with over 25 members. It's easy to feel torn between choosing something that you feel most people will resonate with, choosing between primarily Canadian authors to make Julia happy...or choosing a book that YOU would like to read. 

I did the latter. 

For this month's read, I chose Us by David Nicholls. It's the story of a marriage that's somehow gotten away from a couple in their mid-fifties. The story of an estranged relationship between father and son, and the hope that comes from possibly reconciling both relationships while travelling across European capitols as a family.

It's a total Laura Kelly read. The cover is simple, the pages are thick, and ultimately...marriage is at the heart of it. Having witnessed nearly a hundred weddings, it's something that I think about quite often. I've heard vows that have moved me to tears and heard love stories that are better than the movies. And at the end of it all, I get to come home to my husband and feel grateful for my own marriage. 

I am very excited to pour into this book this month, and perhaps I'll write a little review once I'm finished! Our next book club meeting is on my birthday, just to put the icing on the cake :) 

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