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Happy Monday, everyone! I have some exciting news...


Before I start showing off some of my latest album designs, I figure I should probably guide you through the album buying process, starting with the basics.

Albums come in 4 different sizes. Just to make it incredibly simple, they're all square.

As shown below, here are the 12", 10", 8" and the 4" mini books:

There are 2 types of album textures: LEATHER and LINEN. Each texture is available in every one of the sizes above. Think of it this way, linen books are the standard while leather books are the luxury.

To really understand the difference, take a look at these two 10" sample books. They both have the EXACT same number of photos and pages. Huge difference right?

LEATHER books have thick, luxury pages, and a really hefty and protective spine. This is my most common album to design for weddings (and it's the album that I've included in my top package!). The pages are like kids' board books if you can imagine. 

LINEN books have fabric-like covers, and thick pages (although they're much thinner in comparison with the leather books). They don't bend like regular paper pages. Proof? The books you're looking at here are the samples I've been carrying around for close to a year. They're been flipped by literally thousands of people (wedding shows, radio contests, and all of my wedding consults!).

Mini books are perfect for gifts! I most often design these 4"x4" mini books for the moms, or the bridal party! They fit in your purse and are much more fun than pulling out your phone to show off your wedding!

The price for each album includes the design fee as well as 10 spreads. Depending on the size of the album you have chosen, I can give you a recommendation for how many photos to choose. 

Once you've picked your book, you now have to choose the photos! As I mentioned above, the number of photos inside can really affect the overall "feel" of the album. A cluttered book (4+ photos on each spread) won't have the same feel as a spacious book where each image is a bit larger and therefore easier to focus on. 

Take as long as you need to narrow down your photo choices, and I'll get to work as soon as you're ready!

I'm obsessed with the new engraving options on these books! Take a look at Kim & Jeremy's personalized cover:

I'm SO ready to start designing your beautiful albums 
so you can see your photos come to life!


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