a fresh, new website that let's the photos do the talking

While in the thick of wedding season (and on maternity leave), I decided it would be the perfect time to design a brand new website.

Yeah, I'm definitely using the term "maternity leave" lightly, friends. 

But lately I've been taking a good hard look at my web presence and what it says about me. When I created my last website, I used a lot of graphics (chalkboard, glitter, gold stripes, holy cow...) because I wanted to convey a point about my work. I wanted to show clients that I photograph happy people,in a fresh and fun way.

And it worked! 

I got a ton of positive feedback about the website, and I booked the most amazing clients because of it. Clients who, maybe without knowing it, have given me an incredible gift. They've allowed me to photograph the kind of love that makes me light up inside. They've given me the opportunity to photograph seriously beautiful weddings, filled with personal details and emotional moments. 

And I think my photos are finally reflecting that passion I feel. 

With this discovery comes the creation of my brand new website. And if I might say, it is the OPPOSITE of my last website. It's clean and fresh, and I'm finally letting my photos do the talking.

The galleries are simple to use, and look AMAZING when viewed from a phone or iPad. I'm madly in love with Showit and Sitehouse designs.

As always, my pricing and packages are listed under "info". I believe in being very upfront about how much my services cost. It saves time for everyone :)

Of course the "about me" page now has a picture of baby Coop ;)

Since we're on the topic of "business stuff," 
I have a few announcements to make!

NUMBER ONE: I will be at the Ottawa Wedding Show this Fall! It's now official, I've got my booth number and my registration packet :) Come see me there on October 18th & 19th!

NUMBER TWO: Fall mini sessions are coming SOON! The format has changed a little bit from previous years, but if you're interested, put a little star on September 28th in your calendar :)

NUMBER THREE: I've also recently re-designed my client FAQ guide to include more helpful tips for preparing for your wedding day! This guide goes over everything from how to book your session, what to wear, and how to create your wedding day timeline. Helpful stuff, you guys! 

It matches my new website perfectly and I'm so excited that some of my 2015 clients are already making use of it! Check that out here:


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  1. I am in love with the new look! Well done, it looks great - fresh, fun, yet super professional. Love it :)


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