erin + nathan | a rainy wedding day in russell, ontario

They wanted to go on an adventure...

So they travelled the world and moved to the Yukon. For Erin, home is wherever Nathan is. For Nathan, the top of a mountain was the perfect place to ask Erin to be his wife. In case they weren't already having enough of an adventure, they vowed to spend a lifetime together. 

Erin and Nathan have such a wonderful outlook on living life to the fullest. It was so clear after listening to their wedding speeches that they've inspired everyone around them to take chances and seize the day.

Erin initially contacted me earlier this year but she told me she couldn't meet for a consult in person because she was in the Yukon. She offered to pay her deposit by email, and when we finally met a few months later, we laughed about how I half expected her to ask for my banking information as part of some internet scam. 

Later in the year, as we prepared for the big day, I asked Erin if she was free for a phone chat one Friday afternoon, to which she replied, "sorry but we're hiking in Alaska!" They're the most adventurous couple that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and photographing their wedding was a blast (regardless of the rain that lasted all day).

These postcards made the perfect wedding RSVPs...

When I arrive for bridal prep photos, there's usually a pile of "details" waiting for me to photograph. The standard list includes things like flowers, rings, the wedding invitation, but Erin also had this custom wooden wine box...

The box held cards written by both Erin and Nathan, that would remain sealed until their 5th wedding anniversary. Unless, hard times found them before that, and they found themselves needing a reminder of their feelings for each other.

Erin and Nathan chose to do a first look and I'm so glad they did! Although it rained ALLLL DAY, we were able to find a sheltered spot under the trees for their portraits. We now know that if we had waited until after the ceremony to do photos, it would have been pouring and we probably would have had to shoot in the lobby of their reception site!

The very second before turning to face each other for the first glance...

It was such an emotional time, but once the initial reactions subsided they were able to laugh and share that nervous excitement together.

Erin told me Nathan practically proposed on their third date. He knew how special she was from the minute they met.

He said, "rejection after rejection, I told her she would have to propose to me when she was ready." A few years later, she gave Nathan a very special watch as a gift. He knew she was ready, and wasted no time following it up with a diamond ring and a proposal at the top of a mountain. 

I'm so happy that Erin and Nathan chose to have a second shooter in their package. Having a second photographer there to capture the unseen moments really makes the wedding collection complete. 

I love this photo Brittany grabbed of Erin's brother helping to protect her dress...

Rain, 'shmain. I love these faces.

Erin & Nathan, I am so happy that you've found each other. 
Never stop adventuring!

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