kymberlie + geoff | barrhaven field couple session

Kymberlie is an amazing photographer
Kymberlie lives down the street from me. 

When you put these two things together, you have one instant friendship. Add to it that we're both mommies and that means mid-afternoon walks around the neighbourhood, with chit chat about parenting, marketing, and general photo taking. 

I hung out with her and her husband for an evening and I'm completely smitten with the result. Kym and Geoff are a fantastic example of what my business is all about: happy people in love. She's spirited and adorable, and he's got that whole handsome thing going on.  

If you've checked out her website by now, you know that our styles are very different! That made working together even more fun. She'd say things like "I'd shoot from the exact opposite angle!" and I'd ask her questions about her posing style. 

Some day soon she'll be turning the camera on me. I'm pretty excited about it :)

How's that for a fun way to start a Tuesday?

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