liz + nick | sunset engagement session at britannia beach

To him, it seemed like she was taking forever to finish her sandwich. And that's a common feeling (or so I hear), the feeling that time slows down when there's a diamond ring burning a hole in your pocket. 

Nick said "I love you." Liz said it back, casually. And the moment she finished her last bite, he proposed…during a picnic lunch in Murano, Venice.

They way they told the story made it even better (I wanted to hear everything about the 18 countries they'd visited together). Liz and Nick are a truly adorable pair, and photographing them on Thursday evening was a pleasure. I love the laughter behind each of their smiles, and the way they seem to fit together perfectly. 

And I love the result of our session even more :)

Hopefully everyone had a great Canada Day yesterday!! 

We sure did, and I'm working on posting some photos to the family blog this 
afternoon, so head on over there if you have time :)


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