sometimes it takes a week...

I've come to realize that sometimes it takes a week to get where you want to be in a day. 

It took me a week to recover from our amazing time in Paris before being able to dive into the photos I took (and I promise, I will have them ready to share soon!). 

It took a week with no blogging to feel in the right frame of mind to click that little "write new post" button. 

It took a little over a week to transition my house from everyday-life to Christmas-chic. 

And it took a week of procrastinating before I FINALLY felt like battling the mall parking lot and starting my Christmas shopping. 

And apparently every one of these things collided into one day. 


Yesterday I woke up thinking it would be exactly like the day before. By now you get the idea...lots of NOT looking at Paris photos, being a BAD blogger and avoiding that pesky button, NOT putting up the garland on the bannister, followed by, you guessed it...NOT buying any Christmas presents.  

But I was very wrong. I kicked ass yesterday. I felt like a real person. A good person. A person who empties the dishwasher and starts filling it up immediately after. 

I literally ironed something right before jumping into bed just to put the metaphorical cherry on top of my insanely amazing day.

And honestly, I can't tell you how enjoyable it was to wake up this morning, make a coffee with my pick of literally EVERY mug in the cupboard (thanks to the dishwasher emptying from the day before), and sit down in my Christmassed-out living room, where all of my shopping is DONE and (get this...) WRAPPED under the tree.

Take that, world.  

Even Weezy is feeling festive :)

Phew...decorating is tough. Right Weeze?

 Next step: Christmas baking :) 

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  1. i love your house, love the christmas decorations! a bit too late but merry christmas! :D


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