getting into the christmas spirit!

A typical year has me getting in the Christmas spirit by listening to the music in the malls, or going to my work party early in December.

But this year is so different! With our wedding being at the end of November, and spending some real quality time with Danielle (my MOH and sistah from another mistah), and then dashing off to Paris for our honeymoon the first week of December, this holiday season has kinda flown past me.

We got home from our honeymoon on December 8th and became suddenly aware that we didn't have any Christmas gifts purchased, no Christmas tree or decorations inside our home, and our house stuck out like a sore thumb because of our lack of Christmas lights!

It was officially GO TIME.

Last night we opened up the box excitedly-labelled: CHRISTMAS! and started to get into the holiday spirit.

So pour the eggnog and start practising your fa-la-las because this house will be DECKED OUT before we tuck ourselves into bed tonight :) 

I have to keep telling myself: 
Christmas first, editing Paris photos LATER!

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