6 new colour palettes for your engagement session!

I picture most of my brides have a bed full of clothes and a racing heartbeat the night before their engagement photos. We have nothing to wear! Why is it the night before?! She said it's cute to match right? Or should we avoid the same shade??

The panic doesn't inspire a very relaxing experience on the day of the session, so I created the FAQ guide as a way to answer the question: what should we wear for our engagement photos?

I boiled it down to DOs and DON'Ts, which I'll outline again here:


Wear clothes you like and feel good in.
Wear clothes with pockets (it really helps when it comes to posing!)
Include one pattern, but stick to a max of 2 bright colours.
Accessorize (thin layered necklaces, a watch, understated studs, and a cute pair of shoes -- it all goes a long way!)
Feel free to stay casual if that's your style! A cute top and a pair of ripped jeans can be so perfect. Fancy isn't always better. 


Wear a dress that's too short to sit down in.
Wear the same colour shirt as your man.
Wear clothes that constantly need to be "fussed" with -- there's a term I use called "360 degree confidence." If your outfit only looks good from one angle, it might be time to rethink.
Feel the need to have 2 outfits. Many of my couples stay in the same outfit for the whole shoot and that's perfectly lovely!

But I also thought it might be helpful to provide a few examples of wardrobe colour palettes that have worked beautifully in the past. My brides have AMAZING style I am indebted to their skills! 

Let's kick it off with the emerald + neutral wardrobe, which looks especially stunning in an architectural/downtown background like this one: 

Emily & John's engagement session is seriously adorable. I cannot wait for their wedding this Summer! This is a perfect example of mixing lights and darks, incorporating a modern pattern, including pockets and textures.  

When I think of cool and muted engagement attire, I think of Kate & Cam's cottage engagement in the Fall. I spy a gorgeous blush sweater, two different shades of denim, and a comfy / relaxed vibe. Once we start to break it down it's actually a pretty simple recipe!

Shay & Cam's engagement may as well be its own what-to-wear guide because they had three flawless looks EACH. This more formal look features blush and dark tones and looks great when paired with a sunset and a tan.

This next palette makes me want to curl up in a hammock with a cider and watch the sun go down over the lake. This fresh and crisp look for Lauren & Mike is a great option if you're planning a Spring or Summer engagement, especially if it's by the water! 

Christine and Jason's bold and patterned wardrobe is an example of prints and solids can be perfect together. They've got SO much style it hurts, but this look should be pretty easy to shop in your own closet! 

If your man isn't into the patterned pant, maybe flip it around and consider wearing a pattered skirt and letting him stay in the solids!

Dressing for comfort is another big factor when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, but I don't mean comfort in the "sweatpants and slippers" way. Instead, I mean dressing in clothes that don't need a lot of fussing. If you're constantly pulling down your shirt or can barely walk in your shoes, something might need to be adjusted. 

Feeling your best means your real personality is free to shine through, and when it comes to style, there's nothing better than true happiness!! 

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