my favourite kind of out-of-office!

When I worked at the law firm I used to be in charge of setting up the most BORING out-of-office messages ever. "So-and-so is not available until the 15th at 9:00am, so please do contact so-and-so for any urgent matters...."

Hashtag NOT ANYMORE. My auto-responder is always delivery the most random messages, and it's currently pumping out a palm tree emoji for the subject line. That's right -- it's vacation o'clock over here!

Super excited to be skipping town to photograph a private elopement in Antigua as of tomorrow morning! Kim K and I are ready for the plane, and promise to be updating Instagram with tons of sunshine, poolside selfies, and tropical drinks. And lemme tell ya, we better we coming home to double-digit temperatures, people. I'm leaving Winter behind with this trip! 

See you next week!!


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