baby gia enters the world

These photos can make me cry. Maybe because they were taken in the hospital where I had both my babies. Maybe because seeing a baby in the first few hours of life is one of the most special gifts out there. I'm almost positive, though, that the reason these photos can make me cry is because of the people in them. 

Being there for their engagement session, their wedding, becoming friends with Loraleah and sharing our pregnancies with each other, seeing her deliver Luca, finding out about baby number two...I feel like I've seen the highlights of their lives. And in five years, when I look back, I'm sure the moment I'll remember most will be the one where Bob came to see me in the waiting room, on a bright and sunny day in January, and told me that it was a girl. 

The perfect little family of four <3

And the star... baby Gia.

LL, have one more baby, please. I really want to do this all over again <3

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