gen + chris | arboretum engagement

Chris and Gen are friends of ours. We met them a few years ago through Ryan's best friends, and we quickly fell in love with them as a couple. Gen is thoughtful, kind, and truly exceptional at all that she does. Whenever we get together, I know we're in for a delicious homemade dessert and a crazy shocking story from the emergency room. 

You know from my last blog post with photos of these two that I find Chris to be absolutely hilarious. He can make me laugh until I cry without breaking a sweat.  But he is also one of the most genuine guys I've ever met. He's the kind of friend who would go the extra mile to show up and be there for you, no matter what. I'm so thankful for his friendship. 

Over the last few years, Ryan and I have watched their relationship grow and change and I swear...I have been WAITING for the announcement of an engagement ring. When Chris and Gen told me they were going on a cruise in January, I badgered Chris endlessly about whether or not they'd be coming home engaged. He couldn't keep a straight face and I couldn't contain my excitement. Sure enough, Gen revealed the most unbelievable diamond ring when they got home from their trip.

If I said I was happy for them, it would be a tremendous understatement. Today I'm sharing some photos from their engagement session. Chris, guys are an inspiration. Love you!  


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