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Something a little different on the blog today! I'd love for you to meet Wren, founder of The Hungry Hearts and boss lady consultant at Rodan + Fields. We virtually met when I was looking for my next batch of skin care, and were able to connect again when Wren found herself looking for some gorge and approachable headshots!

Whenever someone asks me if I do headshots, I try to make it immediately clear that I don't use light, backdrops, or own a studio. If you want that white background look, you gotta keep it moving friend. But if you want a headshot that looks like real life, with a little bit of personality and a touch of modernity -- I'm your girl. 

For Wren the biggest takeaways needed to be:

A killer headshot that she could use for R+F
Some social media stock photos that she could layer with text
And a cohesive collection of branding material 
(i.e. Facebook cover, Insta profile, etc.)

Take a peek into a few of my favourites from our recent session! 

I love this one because it's so perfectly Wren. Her true spirit right here :)

When it comes to shooting for social media, photos like this can prove so useful. Having something like this on your camera roll when it comes time to promote an event, a promotion, or reference your online presence -- it makes life so much easier. 

Not your typical headshot session for sure. These little pops of Wren's personality are what will make people connect with her business! We need to keep celebrating how different we all are, each with our own gifts to share. 

Since the day of this shoot it's been so great to see Wren working with her favourite photos! I love that her online presence is cohesive and filled with elements of her personality and spirit. From her R+F site:

To her Facebook cover:

And the awesome Insta content she's created:

The end! Hope you enjoyed this non-wedding-related post, and a peek into the other types of sessions that I work on! 

If you're in need of a new & relatable headshot, send me a note

I would love to work with you and help grow your online presence 
with a cohesive collection of photos that are ready to share.


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