the dailey method second annual photoshoot

It has been a year since I last took photos for The Dailey Method Barre Studio and a whole lot has changed. First, Sarah and Jamie's team has DOUBLED in size. That part alone makes me smile! Their staff is an extension of what TDM Ottawa stands for: passion, joy, and the ultimate desire to help people. The reason the Dailey Method community IS a's because of the team. 

Second, they are going strong on year two. Sarah and Jamie are constantly working to make sure barre classes stay fresh, with new equipment, new moves, and new music. I can't honestly say I've never done the same class twice. I know how much energy it takes to keep a small business thriving, and these two are HUSTLING.

Oh, and not sure if this counts as "thirdly," but the mats are grey instead of orange. WOAH.  

I'm so proud to call the barre studio my second home, and to be their "in house" photographer is an honour I hope to keep :) This post is going to be a long one, so make yourself a cup of tea, change into your yoga pants, and take a peek at the Dailey Method family making magic. 

This picture of Sarah. She is actually this beautiful in real life, you guys.

Sarah S! My Friday morning cheerleader. She's the one who tells me if I climb the rope, there's a glass of wine at the end. I lovingly call her "Fun Pants."

Stephanie is one of the Dailey Method's newest teachers <3

Oh yeah, and she happens to be Sarah's sister if you couldn't already tell :)

Speaking of new teachers, here they are! My newbies! I made them walk and chat a hundred times to get this shot, and I love them for it.

Moriana is a theatre student and a ray of sunshine. I took my very first class with her about a month ago and LOVED it! 

Mariah. Funny, funny, Mariah. She can be caught dancing and singing behind the scenes of almost every photo in this blog post. She's good times.

The beautiful Sarah W. <3 I adore her, and the sweet little relationship between her daughter, Cora, and my man, Coop. Also, if you're wondering who is behind the gorgeous braid pictured here, one word: Showpony.  

Kelsey is my polkaroo. I kind of don't believe she actually teaches at TDM, since I've only ever seen her at photo shoots... Really though, I should probably take an evening class at some point just so that I know she's real :)

And last but CERTAINLY not least: the man, the myth, the legend...Jamie Rigby. He looks good in a t-shirt, but wait until you see him in a man-tank (sorry Sarah, couldn't resist.) He can be found puttering in the office, smiling at the front desk, or gettin' on with his bad self at the Beyonce workshop. 

But above all that, he's one half of the power couple that is Sarah & Jamie. 

These new bands have been a killer addition to barre classes. I get excited every time we use them :)

Laughing at some behind the scenes phone photos that were going around :)

In case you were confused, yes there are 3 Sarahs. Here they are alphabetically.

Rumor has it there's a 30 DAY CHALLENGE coming up in the near future! In a 30 Day Challenge, each of us decides how many classes we want to do per week, or as a total for the 30 days. There's a MASSIVE board where we chart our progress, a ton of friendly competition, and some pretty great prizes. 

Get excited, barre people.

These last few photos were taken during the team meeting. I just love seeing the group in their element :)

To the whole team at The Dailey Method, thank you for having me
 on this beautiful Saturday afternoon :) You were all such great sports when I
 asked you to hold planks for minutes and squat even lower for the perfect shot. 
I appreciate you ALL! <3


  1. I can't thank you enough for your unbelievably incredible ability to capture our community on camera. We are so grateful to have you as a student, photographer and friend. Here is to the hustle!

    1. <3 <3 I never expected to build FRIENDSHIPS went I walked into my first class over a year ago, but it was a wonderful bonus. LOVE!

  2. Wow!!! Such beautiful photos and such amazing captions. You're not just a photographer but a writer too. Thank-you Laura... it is wonderful having you in our Dailey Method Community and team!!!

    1. thanks Jamie!! here's to many more annual photoshoots! (and many more man-tanks...)


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