pre-baby work wrap up!

YOU GUYS! I've officially worked my last job before the baby's arrival! 


I'm still feeling fabulous, even at 8 months pregnant, but I can feel myself starting to slow down a little bit. I've been leaning on Beans' arm while we walk through a parking lot, I've been sitting with my feet propped up at night, and I've been taking even more naps than usual… But I'm loving it :)

Everyone keeps asking me if I'm "done" being pregnant, and the answer is HECK NO!! I am not ready to stop feeling elbows and knees poking into my sides…it's just the best! And I love this strange time where the baby and I are so close and yet I can't picture his little face. 

I've had the most pleasant pregnancy I could have ever imagined. And I'm very happy that I've been able to work right up until about a month before my due date. (Did you read that right?! A MONTH before my due date! How is it already so close?!) 

Take a look at this little sneak peek of the very last shoot before my "maternity leave." I'm pretty excited about it :)

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