a life update

I feel like it's time for a little life update…just to make sure you're all in the loop. 

So first of all, we threw a gender reveal party for our little bebe last weekend. It was lovely to see 36 people packed into our tiny house, and I'm still thoroughly enjoying these flowers that our friend Iryna dropped by:

If you would like to check out photos from our gender reveal, I blogged it over here on the family blog :)

Since I've been primarily focused on this party (and now working on getting my house back to normal), I've completely forgotten about Christmas. But before you panic, you must remember that I get to do my holiday shopping when the mall is completely empty (home employment perks, whaaaat). 

But I think next week will be devoted to putting up the tree, hanging lights, dusting off all of last year's decorations, and finally throwing on some Mariah Carey tunes. 

In the mean time, our second home (aka Chris & Andrew's) is doing a nice job of putting us in the Christmas mood.

My blog suffered last week, and to those of you who make it a daily habit of checking out my URL in the morning before starting work, I apologize that you had to look at the same post every single day. That makes my heart sad. BUT I promise I have a good excuse:

I'm growing a human being.

My pregnancy app says the baby is doing some sort of major growth spurt this week and let me tell you…I can feel it. I'm completely exhausted 99% of the time. I was telling my wonderful husband that it's kind of like when you have the flu, where you walk up a flight of stairs and feel like you need a nap. 

He worked from home for the past two days and is now genuinely concerned at the number of hours that I can sleep in a day. Oh well, I can't possibly feel any guilt because I know my napping has to come to an end in April…

I took this photo on Tuesday morning when I decided it was pitiful that I hadn't blogged anything for 8 days :)

This next photo isn't really relevant to my life update… but I found Weezy dog wrapped up in a scarf on Monday afternoon, fast asleep and snoring. 

Like momma, like pup. 

And the other exciting piece of my life right now is the daunting 468 pages of this month's book club read. I'm officially scared since this is the longest book I've ever read (and did I mention how many hours I spend sleeping each day?!).

The book is called The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and apparently it is life changing and absolutely wonderful. I'm about 60 pages in right now and I'm really enjoying it :)

Happy Thursday, my loves! 

I hope you've got holiday parties galore this coming 
weekend like I do :)

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