Wednesday, October 31, 2012

stephen harper's photos go viral!

How fun is this!

Yesterday I posted a blog post about my celebrity sighting, thinking that my Facebook followers as well as my politics-loving Father would get a kick out of it. But it kinda sorta went viral and it lead to a total whirlwind of a week!

It started with an email from an editor, asking for permission to share some of my photos, along with the link to my blog. And then I got the tweet :)

Which lead me to the article on

(now, of course the landing photo was one with the bride & groom, 
but I HAD to screenshot the one of me and the PM 
because that's just way too cool lol)

And a couple of awesome tweets about it :)

And a story in the Huffington Post :) This was one of my favourite articles because the author called me funny. 


A video on CTV!!

An article in The Ottawa Citizen

An article in The Globe and Mail

An article in the Toronto Star

Live phone interviews with Canada AM and CBC Radio

And an article in the National Post

Oh, and check out the CRAZY stats on that blog post...

And things finished off with a photo on The Rick Mercer Report last night. Super cool, and a little bit weird seeing as my Dad called this on the very day the photos came out! :)

(Season 10, Episode 6 if you're wanting to look it up!)

In conclusion...


1) People like celebrity sightings.

2) News travels fast.

3) Editors WILL find you. Even if takes an email, call, Facebook msg, AND a tweet.

4) PASS is the best and easiest way to share photos, ever.

5) I have the best network of people who fill me in on everywhere they heard the story, which was especially helpful since I have been in Montreal during all of this!

Oh, and I'll finish this up with my favourite tweet of the week, from one of the editors at that's an accomplishment ;)


Because of Showit, my website has always been something that I'm proud of. Showit allows me to make changes and add photos to my site whenever I want, which means my newest and best work is always getting showcased to new potential clients.

But my blog...well, I signed up for my blog on the very first day I went into business. I picked Blogger because it was the first thing that came up when I searched "free blog platform" on Google. Which makes sense, since Blogger is a Google product and all...

But anyway, I set up my blog, picked a fairly random (& free) URL, and slapped a title on it in big, black letters reading "Laura Kelly Photography." I put up a post with pictures of the cupcakes I baked over the weekend. 

There, totally legit right?!

Looking back, my fairly random (& free) URL was pretty ridiculous. Sending people to my blog was always a hassle so I'd usually send them to my site and tell them to click "blog" on the left side. I mean, how would anyone remember this URL...

A couple months later, when my business was starting to really grow, I purchased a custom URL that I could use for my blog address. Something that made much, much more sense. 

But when I tried to set it up, I ran into problem after problem. And when it comes to things I don't fundamentally understand (like DNS management and proxy servers and such), I get frustrated very easily. So I gave up. 

And then the months rolled by and over a year later and I still hadn't set up my blog at the custom URL. But this week during a late night conversation in bed, I told Beans how I felt so silly having not finished the set up. He said "why haven't you mentioned it before now? I can help you."

Really good question...

So I handed over my computer, gave him my login info for all of the necessary sites, and ten minutes later, he says this:


So don't I feel like an idiot for not asking for Beans' help sooner...

Anyway, all this to say I finally put my big-girl-blogging-pants on (although it's more like Beans put them on for me) and I finally have my blog pointed to a custom URL. Something much less sketchy than the free option.

This blog will now show up at:

Now that's legit.

And thank you Beans, for helping me do all of the hard things in life :)

P.S...the old address should be redirecting to the new one, so if you have it bookmarked you're probably fine to leave it the way it is. But please let me know if you run into issues with it because I def wanna know! (And by the way, I think right now you need to have the www. in there in order to make the URL work, but I'm looking into how to fix that. If you know how, hook me up!)

P.P.S...I'm loving Google's homepage today :)

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my DIY makeup trial!

There are perks of having a destination wedding.

Like no-need-for-transportation! Or the all-night-open-bar!

But when it comes to hair and makeup...having a destination puts you at a serious disadvantage. I don't get to do the typical hair and makeup trial, like a normal bride would. I don't even know what the salon looks like, or if they know how to do the hairstyle I'd want...

So I've started toying with the idea of doing most of the wedding day prep myself.

And this scares me...because I normally leave the house in a ponytail, with nothing but blush and mascara on my face. How on Earth am I supposed to pull myself to together to look wedding-ready?

But last week when Beans and I had plans to meet up with Jamie Delaine for our engagement session, I decided to get my hair and makeup done that morning. I'm REALLY glad I did because I got some tips about makeup design, and figured out what I like and what I don't. 

So this morning, since it's a rainy day in Montreal, I did a makeup trial! On myself! 

I took a couple shots of the finished product, and I'm actually pretty happy with it.  

It makes me feel a bit better to not be relying on a makeup artist that I've never met in the Dominican. I a photographer I know how important it is to like the makeup on your wedding day.

Now...if only I could make up my mind about my hair!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

beans and i, looking in love and stuff :)

I sat down and plugged my computer in this morning (we're back in Montreal this week!), only to open up Facebook and see 22 notifications!

Feeling that "Hollywood" is quite rare for I held my breath and squinted my eyes hoping that I'd see the notifications I was hoping for. And to my great delight, I saw this:

Excitement doesn't even come close. 

I literally squealed and went immediately to Jamie's blog, because I wanted to experience the photos there FIRST, in the way that I know Jamie would want me to experience them. 

And I fell in LOVE.

Here are a couple of my favourites :) 

Jamie is super talented (and Beans is super cute), so going through her blog post was such a great experience. 

And get this! I got to take a couple photos of her too, after we finished our session and were just hanging out. She made one of them her profile picture...

Can you say...HUGEST HONOUR EVER?!

P.S... I totally get how clients feel
when they finally get to see their images :)

It makes me want to be FASTER than I already am!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


There was no way for me to anticipate the relationship I'd have with my Brides.

Simply because I don't think it exists all that often! The whole clients-turned-friends situation. 

I posted a couple things on my Facebook page last week, and if this doesn't show you how lucky I am to have the clients I have...I don't know what will :)


So although I had lots of places I could send him, one of my loveliest clients EVER reached out with a personal message letting me know she would be happy to have Weezy for the week of the wedding! 

I sweet to offer! I had to take her up on it, because I know how much I would enjoy a week with Shawna and Shawn lol, so surely Weezy would be in great hands :)


So, how could this little post turn into an offer that makes me SO grateful for my amazing clients? Well...

A couple hours after I posted this, I got an email from one of my 2013 Brides, letting me know that she knows a place I can buy real hair extensions for my wedding, and that...GET THIS...she would actually be willing to sew them together for me!

I had been trying for a couple weeks, maybe even more, to get my hands on some hair extensions that will work with my colour, length, etc. and suddenly I had a lunch date with Brittany so we could venture to this creepy wig store to find the best match to my hair colour. 

I mean...what?! How did all of my problems just magically get solved...

I am so grateful for my Brides and Grooms, they're such good people :)