Saturday, November 10, 2012

a boudoir marathon, just in time for valentines day!

Guess what's coming to town?

Well yeah, Santa Claus...but even MORE importantly...

I'm hosting a boudoir marathon just in time for Valentines Day! This will be your last chance to get a boudoir session done with enough time to have an album ready for your man-friend (or fellow, boy-toy, hubster, whatever you prefer), in time for the day of loooove.

I am purposefully not going to edit the ridiculousness of that paragraph. Just as an FYI.

Here are all the deets my friends:

And in case you're reading this on an iPad mini and you're having trouble reading the text (jk, the iPad minis are pretty legit from what I've heard), here are all the details again:

WHO: You. And your friends. Friends love to share information about boudoir marathons with other friends :)

WHAT: A boudoir marathon. Meaning 5 boudoir sessions jam packed (but actually relaxingly spaced out) into 1 day, in 1 location. 

WHERE: A swanky downtown hotel room. I just have to do some hunting around for find the perfect one. 

WHEN: December 15th! 

THE SESSION FEE: The session fee is $400 and includes 45 minutes to shoot, unlimited wardrobe changes during that time, 10 images in digital format, and the relief that you already have the perfect gift for your [insert appropriate boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/significant other term here] in time for Valentines Day.

And just to entice you a little more, check out a preview of my most recent boudoir sesh:

So hit me up if you're ready to book a timeslot, and I can help you out with all of the info you'll need to get ready. 

From what to wear...what to for hair and makeup that show up well on camera, all of it :) I'll be your boudoir-bff.

And now that I'm thinking about it...maybe if you sign up at the same time as a friend, you can each get your session for $350. If you're nice to me. And you bake me something. Just kidding girl...I've got a wedding dress to fit into.

Contact me here :)

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