Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#62 see a celebrity

#62: see a celebrity

So...I'll admit...I was a little worried about this one.

Sure, I can do an anonymous favour any day I want, or get up super early to see the sunrise...but see a celebrity? I mean, it's a little out of my control. 

But I figured, this is the stuff 101 lists are made of, right?! 

And then I went to Vegas, and was 95% positive I'd see Scott Disick strolling down the street in a suit at 7am or something. But that didn't happen. 

And then at my friend Chris' graduation, I heard a rumour that Aliyah Jasmine from MTV was in the audience because her sister was graduating too. So I stood with a telephoto lens in one of the side aisles, and scanned the crowd to find her. 

But no such luck. 

ENTER: October 20th. 
LOCATION: Rockliffe Park.
AGENDA: Wedding formals for Jocelyne and Patrick.

Three black cars all in a row pull into the parking lot. And someone jokingly says, "I bet you it's the Prime Minister or something!"

We laugh, and move on with our photo taking. 

But then as the cars were preparing to leave the little parking lot (that couldn't have held more than 20 cars or so), they stopped. And 20 seconds went by. And wouldn't you know it, Mr. Stephen Harper himself came over to wish the Bride & Groom a happy wedding day! 

Best part of the this whole interaction:

STEPHEN HARPER: So, have you already done it?
PAT: Nope, first time!


Lol, Pat thought he was asking whether either of them had ever been married before, when really he was just asking if they had already had their wedding ceremony! 

Maybe you had to be there, it was hilarious.

Anyway, he was such a great sport for offering to be in a couple photos with the whole wedding party :) 

Now picture me with 2 security guards on either side of me taking this picture lol...

Oooh! And then after shaking everyone's hand and asking us our names, I said:

ME: I'm Laura, I'm the photographer!
STEPHEN HARPER: Oh! Well you haven't had a photo then, 
have you? Let's see if someone can work your camera.

And then Jocelyne took this photo of the two of us :) 

So there you have it! A true celebrity sighting and a 
super fun experience to boot :)

Between you and me, I'm still hoping to bump into Scott Disick at 
some point in my life. But now there's no real rush... 


  1. Wow that is so so cool!!What a nice guy!

  2. That is SOOOO awesome. Wedding pictures that nobody else will ever get the oppertunity to have! Congrats to the happy couple on that score.

  3. That's pretty amazing! It was really nice of him to stop the convoy to give his well wishes to the couple. That is definitely something they won't forget!

  4. What a great PM who would take the time to pose and congratulate the happy couple. That is one wedding photo that will be talked about for many years to come.

  5. Great story and great pics!

  6. Great story! Greatest Prime Minister in Canada's history to do that for the happy couple!

  7. NIce guy, but he should have put on a nicer suit...

  8. How amazing! PM Harper stopping and coming over to congratulate the couple, what a coup...Canada Rocks!

  9. How jealous can I be? (I'm a photographer.)

  10. Great pic's.Did you notice the wedding party is all in have met PM Harper and his wife and they are great people, very down to earth.

  11. Cool story for a special day - no matter how many times one may have done it!
    And for those who are trashing our Prime Minister for a spontaneous sharing of a special day - REALLY???

  12. I believe you were on the news! How exciting!!

  13. Just saw you on the CTV news! Very cool! Congratulations! A perk of living in Ottawa, ay?

  14. I just saw this on CTV news today. That is amazing for both you and the bride and groom. Congrats! Not every photographer can say that they not only took photos of the prime minister, but that they got their photo taken with him too.

  15. What a great experience! Just saw this on the National Post FB page :)

  16. Now that's one lucky groom! Just think, when he forgets the date of his wedding aniversary(and he will) he can just google, "PM Harper stops for wedding photo" and there ya go! Nice shots! Great experience.

  17. Very cool experience! Nice he remembered to get a pic with you too :)

  18. You did a great job as a photographer. He hasn't done the best of his... like having us work till 67.

  19. Too funny! Just saw this on our local news in Calgary. I shot a wedding where Mr. Harper's mom was one of the guests, but this takes the cake!

  20. I like how he made sure you had a photo taken with him as well.

  21. Very lovely Harper is!! he probably just got lost and couldnt find his way home. hahahaha. just kidding. Happy marriage

  22. Wow ... best part is that he offered to have a pic with u ... super cool ... i hope u get the pic autographed by sending it to him ...

  23. Wow ... best part is that he offered to have a pic with u ... super cool ... i hope u get the pic autographed by sending it to him ...

  24. Came across this story in the National Post yesterday - so very fun to have met our PM! Thought it was great that he stopped for a few photos with the bride and groom, and one with yourself as well! :)

  25. so cool! he's such a nice guy! and i laughed out loud at pat's reply, i could imagine myself saying the same words!

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