blaseg family | kanata recreation centre

I told Carissa she should write a book. A book about many things, how to raise two unbelievably cute children, how to be an amazing mother, how to hire the perfect photographer (kidding!).

Truth be told, I've love to read her book. These four people were completely and totally adorable in every sense of the word, and I would love to learn as much as I possibly could from her about how she does it :)

Love. this. family.

Carissa brought a couple things to the shoot that captured what their kiddies were currently into. Kalya makes a lovely princess if you ask me, and Brady makes a handsome dump truck operator :)

And of course, the boys found a spare moment to do some boy things :)

The splash pad at Kanata Rec Centre is one of my favourite parts, always makes for the cutest family pics!


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